Had the democracy’s moved against Herr Hitler when he took over the Ruhr there would have been 6 dead Nazi’s as opposed to 60 million dead! By the time the UK Empire’s Peace-niks “woke” up to this fascist threat it would cost them the lives of 750,000 British soldiers and 70,000 civilians deaths, It would also spell the end of the British Empire!

It does beg the question of at what point the American Empire could have avoided the coming war with China? Could it have been the recognition by Nixon and Kissinger that there was only one China? Could it have been the UN’s expulsion of Taiwan and their recognition of mainland China? Or was it the democratic West granting free trade with Communist China? How many of our soldiers and citizens will die as a result of this stupidity? Say goodbye to the American Empire!

And that is all I’m going to say bout that!

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