It’s NOT the Economy, Stupid

In 2000 the US House voted 237 to 197 to give China permanent normal trading privileges after months of fierce lobbying that pitted the pro-China business against anti-China unions! Three out of 4 Republican congresspersons voted in favor versus two out of 3 Democrats voting against! Nancy Pelosi voted against normalizing trade with Beijing.

The US Senate voted 83-15 as those advocating for increased engagement with China which included Joe Biden overwhelmed critics who argued that the trade deal was an abandonment of democratic principals! President Clinton hailed the votes saying “it will boost economic growth in America, strengthen US National Security, and promote democracy and human rights in China! How’s that working out for America Bill? Because both the (R) and (D) have blood on their hands the media on both sides will not talk about this huge democratic failure!

And that is all I’m going to say about!

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