Violence begets Violence

The only time violence is justified is in time of war (or self-defense) and the way things are going in the World and in America it looks like either one with China or one between white and brown Americans! As for Nancy Pelosi’s DUI husband Paul, had she been more responsive with protecting the Supreme Court Justices perhaps I would be more sympathetic to her plight!

We are increasingly becoming a house divided and if the coming civil war doesn’t finish off our democracy then the Chinese most certainly will. The left has a declining commitment to our founding fathers or the constitution that they wrote. Instead they wish to impose their own sense of political, legal, moral and ethical values on the rest of us!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Another homeless nut job loose in SF. Nothing new there! Were the Kavanaugh kids traumatized also?
Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on

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