Franklin Delano Fetterman

While FDR would lose the use of half of his body, John Fetterman would lose half his brain! A big difference but what isn’t different is the democrat press working overtime to minimize Fetterman’s disability, just like they did for FDR. In fact some on the left are even accusing the woke of being anti-disability! But where are the calls from the left for Fetterman to release his medical report? Fetterman has more in common with Biden than FDR!

But for the so-called democracy dies in darkness democrats who also believe that the Times actually prints all the news that is fit to print where have they been on calling out Fetterman to release his medical reports while he was in the hospital? Was it on the front page or back page? Was it above the fold or below it? Is there any real surprise why the voters no longer trust the so-called free press!

And that is all I’m go say about that!

Apparently his 3rd leg was working just fine!

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