Had the tragic death of a young black guy in Memphis involved 5 white cops all hell would have broken loose with city centers in flames and plenty of slave reparation type looting going on like the last time. But would we have had national headlines screaming over 5 white cops killing a white guy or even if it had been 5 black cops killing the same white guy?

Does make you wonder if any of these guys were ex-military like the Minneapolis cop Chauvin who had been an MP. Given Bush’s idiot war in Iraq and Obama’s right war in Afghanistan, these ex-military peacekeepers have been well schooled in committing violence! Throw the world’s best armed militia against the world’s best ex-professional army trained police force and there are going to be some unfortunate innocents paying the maximun price!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by kat wilcox on

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