Coke was the real thing!

I’m not a member of the Pepsi generation! But back in the day coke had coke in it, Well before that Ben Franklin was a coke head who was so addicted to the stuff that when he died he weighed in at a whopping 70 pounds! An international treaty would impose a requirement that only doctors could prescribe drugs. Five years later the Supreme Court ruled that drug addiction was not a disease and made it illegal for doctors to treat it as such!

Today the big problem is with fentanyl much of which is coming in from China and most of it coming in over the wide open Mexican border! Our laughable war on drugs drove it out of Columbia to the Rio Grande! Way to go DEA! On top of this 2024 Presidential candidate Newsom just vetoed a bill allowing for injection sites in California! When you consider our politicians success in conducting wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq is it any surprise that our 100 year war against drugs is no better!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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