A thousand years ago Khan ruled Asia by conducting the deadliest war ever. He and his hordes would kill 10% of the world’s population! Since its collapse Asia has been at the increasing mercy and exploitation of the Western world with little change to its culture and way of life! The West should expect that the coming war will be conducted and executed on more like Mongol terms than by Marquess of Queensberry rules!

The Chinese have taken Globalization as far as they can and any further economic advances or political gains by them will come from their military conquests. In order to accomplish this they first have to get past America and that will require them to successfully undercut our NATO and ANZUS alliances. In order to do this both Germany and New Zealand are being bought off with favorable trading terms by the Chinese!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Will make the last one look like a piker
Photo by MBVisign on

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