Not those kind of Bills but rather the Buffalo Bills who are owned by a multi-billionaire who employs multi-millionaire players! The idiot Governor of New York who is up for re-election is waving red meat at the idiot upstate Joe Six-Packs who want to keep the Bills in Buffalo! MY god the poor Bills are forced to play in a stadium that was built way back in 1973. Fenway Park 1912.

The billionaire Bills will be moving into a brand spanking new 1.4 billion dollar stadium which will be mostly financed by NY state and local tax paying fools to the tune of $850 million bucks while the billionaire team owner is coughing up a paltry $350 million! No biggie just tack it onto the 31 Trillion dollar federal debt! Is anyone saying Great Depression II?

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on

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