Gorbachev R.I.P.

Mikhail was made the Scapegoat for the failure and collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union! This was necessary because his successors were all former members of the communist party who then morphed into so-called democrats! If you can successfully blame this collapse on one person you then stand a better chance of succeeding him. Which of course is exactly what happened!

The fact is that Russia is still very much a feudal society that went directly from one autocrat Tsar Nicholas II to another autocrat Bolshevik Lenin! Both the royal family and the communist party would bankrupt their country and Putin is just another example of this in a long line of autocrats. In the end the vast majority of Russian peasants still do not want to make their own decisions and they just want to be told what to do, which is why Putin wins in landslides!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by u0414u043cu0438u0442u0440u0438u0439 u0422u0440u0435u043fu043eu043bu044cu0441u043au0438u0439 on Pexels.com

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