I gotta have more Cowbell

When I fly somewhere I gotta have more aisle seats! I remember flying American Airlines and when I got to my seat some guy was sitting in it. Turned out that we had been assigned the same seat and the stewardess told me to follow her, where upon she gave me a first class aisle seat! Way to go American! Another time I found someone in my seat only to realize that I was in the aisle seat in front of him!

The last time I found someone in my seat the guy whined about being a diabetic who said he had to pee frequently and would I mind taking his middle seat. I told him no because it would have been one thing had he asked me this while sitting in his middle seat but frankly something else to do it while sitting in mine! Had he done that I would have told him that I was diabetic also and had the same problem. The American Airline’s stewardess gave him the empty aisle seat across the aisle and when the guy who had that seat showed up the stewardess told him there was a mix up and would he take the middle seat. He did and the so called diabetic A-hole never did take a pee on our 2 hour flight!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com