Scene 14

Talking to her mother that same Sunday morning Caterina Murino is telling her about the disagreement that she and Ricky Gervais just had. Caterina is complaining about how men can be such complete emotional jerks! So it’s over Maria Murino asks her daughter, hoping that she will say that it is. Instead Caterina is telling her mother that she is even more committed to Ricky. Maria is even more confused until her daughter explains to her that at least he is now ready to make a commitment to her.

Later that Sunday there is a knock on Caterina Murino’s door and when she opens it, it is Ricky Gervais on both knees begging for her forgiveness. Taking him by the hand she leads him into her bedroom. Ricky starts to have a panic attack and asking him if he is okay, he says that he is worried about being able to perform like her old boyfriends. Caterina is upset by this and asks him why he thinks she is so superficial. Not getting an answer she gives him back his engagement ring while showing him to the door. As Ricky is walking out of the building he is telling himself that Chris Rock was right, he is a friggin moron! End scene 14

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