Scene Fifteen

The very next Sunday Ricky Gervais is a no show at breakfast with Chris Rock. Not getting an answer to his phone call Rock decides to walk over to Ricky’s apartment. Knocking on the door a clearly hung over and disheveled Gervais appears telling Rock that he is sorry that he didn’t come for breakfast. Asking Ricky if there is a problem, he tells Chris what happened the previous Sunday with Caterina Murino. Not wanting to ask what happened Rock asks Ricky if there is anything he can do. Gervais says yes let me please go back to bed and then closes the door.

Later that same day Chris Rock decides to pay a visit on Caterina Murino and tells her the story about how after Ricky’s wife died he holed himself up in his apartment listening to music while drinking himself into oblivion. I think he is doing again but this time the person he loves is still alive. After Rock leaves Murino walks to Gervais apartment, hearing loud music, she knocks and a drunk Gervais opens the door. Caterina asks for her engagement ring and when he gives it back to her, she puts it on and leaves. Ricky turns the music off and pours his drink down the drain. End scene 15.

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