Scene 13

Showing up at Caterina Murino’s door Ricky Gervais hands her a piece of paper and when she realizes that it’s the results of a recent blood test he had she yells at him in Italian. Then in English she angrily asks him what kind of woman does he think she is? Ricky is all apologies and claims ignorance about how relationships work with her generation. She tells him that falling in love with a woman hasn’t change in the last thousand years and slams the door in his face!

Over Sunday breakfast Gervais is telling Chris Rock what has happened and Rock asks him if he is a friggin moron before Ricky can answer Chris says to him don’t tell me I already know the answer to that! Gervais says that he and his wife were High School sweethearts and she did most of the chasing so what does he know about all of this but what should I do he asks Chris. Get down on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness Rock replies. You know I was perfectly happy being miserable and lonely and she had to come into my life and ruin all of that for me Gervais said. End Scene thirteen.

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