Scene Twelve

Driving back to the city from the Hamptons, Caterina Murino is very quiet. Asking her why she tells Ricky Gervais that she is very frustrated because he doesn’t seem to take anything very seriously. Arriving back at Caterina’s apartment Ricky recognized that she was really upset when she didn’t invite him in. Buying her some flowers the next day Ricky became very worried when he did not hear from Caterina. Thinking about how he could fix this he set out on a course of action that would get him into even more trouble with her!

That is because Ricky found himself caught between a rock and hard place. On the one hand he felt that he had mated for life and that pursuing Caterina was an act of disloyalty to his wife while on the other he figured that Caterina would eventually do the math, given their age difference and come to her senses. For Ricky this would become a lose/lose proposition having lost another woman that he had fallen in love with!

End scene 12.

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