11th Scene

Ricky Gervais and Caterina Murino are spending the 4th of July holiday at Chris Rock’s House in the Hamptons. Rock is telling them both that at the local hot dog eating contest the guy ate over 70 hot dogs while the woman ate less than 50 but that they both received the very same prize money. Ricky says that isn’t fair because the lady is being paid more money per dog eaten. He is also wondering if they get a prize for taking the world’s biggest crap? Rock adds that he wonders how many pounds of lips and assholes that would add up to?

Caterina is shaking her head and asking them to please change the conversation. Ricky tells them how he just received a catalog from the local furniture store which had some different colored stools in it. So he went down to the store and asked the lady if she would show him, her stool samples. So what did she do Rock asks take you to the ladies room? Chris tells them that they have a whole holiday dedicated to that in Boston, they call it evacuation day. End scene 11.

Cultural Appropriation
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com