Ninth Scene

The following Friday the extended Murino family has been invited to dinner to see Caterina and to meet Ricky Gervais before they return to America the next day. Someone asks Ricky how he enjoyed his tour of the island and he said there were moments of amazing beauty separated by long stretches of sheer terror! When asked why he said you have lady drivers, you have Italian drivers and then you have Caterina Murino who is in a class all by herself. I ran out of underwear on the very first day and had to go commando. We had to stop so I could pick up some adult diapers and turning his back to the Murino family lifted his shirt and said look you really can’t tell I’ve got them on.

So the she’s not a driver or a Doctor someone asks Gervais and he says that he’s changed his mind about her becoming a doctor because she would be great giving colonoscopies, there is nothing back there that could poke her eyes out. But then again she does run the risk of losing her sense of smell which when you think about it might not be all bad! So she takes her next patient out for a quick ten minute drive scares the crap out of them and she’s ready to go. End scene 9.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on