8th Scene

The following Saturday Caterina and Ricky arrive at the home of her parents María Murino (maybe played by Isabella Rossellini) and Paolo Murino (maybe played by Roberto Benigni) in Cagliari. Sitting down for dinner Caterina’s parents are giving them the 3rd degree about their relationship. This is because Paola and María thought that if this was a serious relationship that it would likely mean the end of any hope for them having any grandkids. Ricky finally blurts out that they were just friends with no benefits.

Waking up early Ricky heads down stairs in his PJ’s looking for some caffeine where he finds the Murino’s fully dressed and eating their breakfast. Gervais grabs a cup of coffee and tells them that he is going to step out into the back yard so he can answer some emails. A few minutes later Caterina comes down and not seeing Ricky asks her parents where he is? Her father points to the backyard and tells Caterina that her Superman is out there. She looks out the window and then goes back upstairs. When she comes back down she goes out the door and greets Gervais. Paola asks María did she just change back into PJ’s? Maria nods yes and replies that for the very first time in her life Caterina is doing the chasing! End Scene 8.

Photo by Pu00e2n Alves on Pexels.com