7th Scene

Meeting later that Sunday for a walk thru Central Park, Caterina Murino is clearly excited about their upcoming trip to Sardinia. Caterina tells Ricky Gervais that they will be staying at her parents home, not wanting to hurt her feelings but protective of his privacy he tells her that he does not want to kick anyone out of their bedroom. Caterina tells him not to worry that he will have his own bed, but not hearing her say that he would have his own bedroom he asked. Somewhat sheepishly she admitted that they would be sleeping in their own beds but in the same bedroom. WHAT Ricky said when Caterina said not to worry that her parents were right in the next room. He said fine but no wearing teddies and the bedroom door stays open added Gervais.

Walking Caterina home they passed a clothing store and walking in Gervais asked the clerk if the sold pajamas. Pointing to the back of the store they found a large display of super hero PJ’s. Picking up the Superman one and holding it in front of him while looking in the mirror Ricky said perfect. Then grabbing the Super Girl version and holding up to her Ricky said no your not a super girl. Gervais then grabbed the Wonder Woman pjs and holding them up told her she wasn’t a Wonder Woman either but when he saw The Cat Woman pjs he told her they were perfect! End Scene 7.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com