Sixth Scene

Meeting with Chris Rock the next day for Sunday breakfast Ricky Gervais tells him that he is going to Sardinia with Caterina Murino so that she can give him the grand tour of her island. Rock then hands Gervais a paper bag with a bunch of condoms and a dildo. Ricky says I get the condoms but what is this for? Chris tells him that the younger generation of ladies expect Equality of Pleasure and Rock thought that Ricky might need some help with that!

In the meantime Caterina is having her usual Sunday phone call with her mother Maria and tells her that she and Ricky are coming home next weekend. Maria Murino who is aware of the circumstances of her daughters engagement tells her that things seem to be moving very quickly. Caterina replies that Ricky said that if something was going to happen between them it was going to have to be sooner rather than later. Gervais thinks that Murino is both a very smart and nice person and wants to see just how deep it runs in her DNA. End scene 6.

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