Fifth Scene

When Gervais and Murino walked into the art gallery Ricky muttered damn under his breath. Caterina asked him what the problem was, and he said that he forgot his glasses, didn’t bother to go back for them because he thought he would just be looking at flowers and naked ladies and his eyes where still good enough for that but not for this modernist crap they were showing. He told her he could paint like this all he needed to do was to strip naked, stand in the middle of some canvas while eating some tainted fish. Wa La another masterpiece. Thinking for a minute Caterina said so you can’t see, you have to go to bed early and you need help getting up is that right? To which Ricky replied “wait a second I don’t need any help getting it up although I wouldn’t necessarily turn down any help either. Ok then Caterina responded so lets go to dinner instead.

Arriving at the Restaurant Ricky tells Caterina that she is going to have read the menu to him. She recommends the Calamari and He says that he won’t eat anything that resembles a rectum and she says that’s good to know. Ricky orders the Spaghetti and Meatballs instead and perhaps out of spite Caterina orders the Calamari. After a couple of glasses of wine, Gervais screws up the courage to ask Murino if she would ever consider going somewhere with him for a week or so but strictly plutonic. Caterina tells him that would terrific and asks Ricky where he would like to go, Sardinia was his reply. When? How about next week? Great! End scene 5.

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