4th Scene

Like most Sunday’s Ricky Gervais is having breakfast with Chris Rock at the local deli when Chris asks him how he made out with Everything Galore? Waving his hand in front of Chris’ face he tells him that they are engaged, engaged in what Rock asks? You know your old enough to be her father right? Ricky explains to Chris what has transpired over the last couple of days and admits that he might be in over his head to which Chris asks which head is Ricky talking about?

Are you planning on seeing the lady again Chris asks? Ricky tells him that they are going to some art gallery opening next Saturday. Rock then tells Gervais that he might want to think about stocking up on condoms and viagra. You should probably get a blood test also Chris tells him. Giving a big sigh Ricky tells Chris that he has been laid thousands of times but always with the same woman but he’s not even close to surrendering that memory to Caterina or any other lady for that matter. Rock shaking his head responds that we’ve got to get you laid Ricky. End Scene 4.

Photo by Peter Du00f6pper on Pexels.com