3rd Scene

Having walked Caterina back to her apartment building she asks Ricky if he would like to come there for dinner that evening. “You can cook?” Ricky said somewhat incredulously to which Caterina replied I’m a very good cook! Thinking that meant some kind of rabbit food Ricky asked her what she would be making for dinner? She said Spaghetti with meatballs, Oh my god that’s my favorite, growing up that was the only decent thing my Irish mother could make everything else was either boiled or a casserole! I told my wife before we got married that if she ever made me a casserole that would be grounds for a divorce, what time Ricky asked her. She said how about 8 and he replied that was way past his bedtime how about 6 instead?

Showing up at 6 with a bottle of vino they sit down for some appetizers and Gervais asks Murino about her family. Discovering that she grew up on Sardinia, Ricky tells her that is the one place in Italy that he has never been too. Caterina offers to show him around her very pretty island sometime. Sitting down for dinner Ricky tells her that this is the best Spaghetti he has ever had although admittedly his dear departed Irish mother set a very low bar for Caterina to get over! Having finished coffee and dessert Ricky walked over to where Caterina was sitting, got down on one knee and said “ I would like to propose to you that you please do me the honor of making this spaghetti for me again sometime very soon! When she replied “of course” he said to her “great now would you please help get me get back up”. End third scene.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com