Second Scene

While walking from Tiffany’s to Bogie’s childhood home on the Westside of NYC, Ricky Gervais tells Caterina Murino that if for any reason she feels like dumping him all she has to do is to take the ruby ring off and he will do the same. Standing in front of Bogies home Ricky mentions that Bogies father was a Doctor. Caterina replied that she had considered becoming one also, to which Ricky said that she wouldn’t have lasted being a Doctor for more than 5 minutes. How come Caterina asked, because your first male patient would have blinded you in the eye when you told him to turn to the right and cough and the second one would have blinded you in the other eye when to told him to turn to the left and cough. Caterina just shook her head in disbelief.

As they turned to walk down Riverside drive she asked him what river they were looking at and Ricky told Caterina that it was the Hudson River where the miracle happened, did you ever see the movie he asked? Shaking her head no he said that when Tom Hanks playing the pilot landed the plane on the river he came out of the cockpit yelling “Evacuate” and i’m thinking his passengers have already done that, what they really needed to do was to get off the plane. Caterina tells him that he is very immature to which Ricky responds that he has made a lot of money being immature. End scene 2.

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