Opening Scene

Having recently relocated to NYC, Caterina Murino tags along with a friend who was invited to Chris Rock’s 56th birthday party. Pointing to Ricky Gervais who is sitting in the corner by himself Rock asks Murino to talk to Gervais with the hope that he would stay longer. Introducing her to him as one of those Bond girls Ricky rolls his eyes, holds up his hand says don’t tell me and looking her up and down states somewhat sarcastically Everything Galore.

Feeling put upon Caterina replies that she can speak 3 languages how many does he speak? Ricky thinks for a second and says “Da baby eat my dingo”, laughing Caterina asks what’s that and he replies matter of factly that’s Australian. He then says “Da baby eat my kiwi” that’s new zealanderish do you want me to speak some American also? Some what regretful about hurting her feelings he then tells Caterina about the time he was going to University in London in the early 80’s and there was a crowd outside the Savoy Hotel. Asking the paparazzi what was happening, Ricky is told that Sophia Loren is coming out to go back to Rome. Looking at Caterina, Ricky says to her “and right up until this very moment I would have said that she was the most beautiful Italian lady I had ever seen”. End scene 1.

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