A recently widowed Comedian (perhaps played by Ricky Gervais) meets a recently divorced actress (perhaps played by Caterina Murino) at a birthday party in NYC for a fellow comedian (perhaps played by Chris Rock). Gervais and Murino spend the next 3 hours talking and laughing and at the parties end he offers to drive her home. Stopping in front of her apartment she turns to say good night, kisses him and tells him that she is going to marry him someday! When he asks her where his engagement ring is she stumbles for a reply where upon he tells her to meet him tomorrow in front of Tiffany’s at 10AM.

Neither expected the other to show up but when Ricky arrives at Tiffany’s there she is! Walking into the store the clerk asks them how he can be of assistance with Ricky telling her that they are looking for an engagement ring. When clerk show them some rings, Caterina say no we need an engagement ring for him. Completely confused the clerk asks Ricky what he would like and he replies a pinky ring. Looking at the selection he picks a gold ring with a ruby stone which fits perfectly. Ricky tells Caterina that it looks just like Humphrey Bogarts ring and then tells the clerk to bring a selection of ladies pinky rings to look at. Purchasing each other look alike engagement pinky rings they agree to walk over to see Bogie’s childhood home on 103rd. On the way there they talk about how they have completely put the horse before the cart having become engaged but yet to fall in love….to be continued! (c) 2021       

Photo by Danielle De Angelis on Pexels.com