Tenth Scene

Back in the States, Ricky Gervais is having breakfast with Chris Rock. Rock asks Ricky how his tour of Sardinia went with Caterina Murino, Ricky replies that that they were still talking to each other at the end of week so it must have gone okay. Gervais admits that he is having some real feelings for Caterina which are scaring the hell out of him as he is sure that she will eventually come to her senses given their age differences. Rock tells him that he is better looking than Bogie and Bacall never came to her senses so there’s no telling what Murino will do.

Chris then asks Ricky if he taken the “cure” with Murino, Cure Gervais asks? Yeah you know the cure for your restless third leg syndrome Chris replies. No of course not was his answer. Well just in case she does come to her senses you might want to take the cure with her sooner as opposed to later or otherwise you might regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life Chris tells him. End scene 10

Photo by Dana Cetojevic on Pexels.com