Mutually Assured De-escalation

Otherwise known as gun control. We have the best armed militia and an even better armed police force. For all the talk about defunding the cops unless your de-arming the militia at the same time you’re going to have some real problems. I saw a Sheriff on Fox News the other day who had 4 ⭐️ on each shoulder. On Blue Bloods the Cops salute Tom Selleck on almost every show. It is going to take a very long period of time to de-militarize our civilian protectors.

On the other side are all the gun nuts, crazy’s, and political malcontents who are not going to de-gun anytime soon. It is clear that if we can’t fix the problem on the heals of 20 beautiful little children being gunned down in Sandy Hook CT then we need to recognize just how embedded this issue has become in our political DNA. Unfortunately our political leaders are exploiting the problem on both sides of the divide, while in the end any real solution is going to require a broad based consensus requiring compromises all around.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Except at the US Capital where we have the most incompetent police force and Nancy couldn’t get that right either.
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We found Hunters gun!