America First

PBS is working overtime rewriting these better class of folks history as being driven primarily by anti-semitism as opposed to being the sob sisters and peace society’s that FDR complained about. This is important in their push to blame white supremacy for the 60 million dead in WW2 as opposed to just blaming the anti war crowd who were very likely of every color in America! War what is it good for?

Their target 🎯 is the first media super star Charles Lindbergh who was blaming the Jewish movie barons and Jewish owned newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post for their pro-war stance. Lucky Lindy of course was correct in that only, but who can really blame the American Jewish community for their warmongering. In the end they were absolutely correct and the America First folks were absolutely incorrect. Over the next decade or two we will be facing the very same challenges and it will be interesting to see if the great grandkids of these original First folks handle them any better!

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What goes around has come around!

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