This makes way too much sense so no surprise that both Biden and southern Republican Govenor’s are not supporting this effort. That is because you have Trump anti-maskers who want to do whatever they wish. You have the Bobby Kennedy anti-vaxxers who don’t want the vaccination at all and don’t want to be treated any differently than those that were smart enough to get one! You have black people who don’t trust the government with many as a result not getting the shot. You have many illegal immigrants who are concern that getting one could mean a one way ticket back home!  

We understand completely that our idiot leaders do not want to piss off any of their voters!! But having been vaccinated why do I need to social distance or even wear a mask? Why do I need to be tested or even be quarantined like folks who haven’t been vaccinated? Am I having to do this because some of these idiots refuse to get vaccinated?

And that is all I’m going to say about that!