Ok so now we have LBGTQC. Looks like Randy Andy was getting a little too handy 🤲. The lady at The NY Times was disappointed that no democrats were asking the Gov to resign and perhaps this meant that the #metoo movement had peaked. It hasn’t the only difference here is that Cuomo is a Democrat and the media’s burden of proof is way higher for Demmy’s than for Republican!

Frankly amusing how Hillary is now weighing in on holding Randy Andy accountable when she looked the other way for her husband the cum stain kid. Even more amusing that CNN and their anchor Chris Cuomo have finally figured out that it was completely unethical to allow kid brother to interview big brother during the pandemic but they are both Democrats so let’s do what we can to get Trump out of the White House before anyone notices.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

I’m just a dirty old man standing in front of a beautiful young lady hoping she won’t accuse me of harassment