So the Greeks want the EU to issue vaccination passports so they can safely increase the number of tourists coming into their country. This makes perfect sense because Greece is very dependent on the tourism trade to help fund their very generous retirement programs. In addition it acts as an incentive to get the Covid vaccination. This isn’t to say that folks who haven’t been vaccinated can’t visit Greece but rather they would have to quarantine first.

But neither France or Germany are thrilled with this approach as they think it is discriminatory, which in their case it would be because the PU EU has done a piss poor job of vaccinating their populations. More likely a vaccine passport would serve as a reminder of how PU the EU has done. It is interesting that the newly EU Brexitted UK has done an outstanding of vaccinations and where is the left handed media on pointing this one out! No where of course!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Way to go Boris!
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