Graham Cracker

So there is this Plus Size model who is upset at folks who are calling her pretty for a big person and she wants to be called just pretty. She isn’t all that pretty but she is definitely pretty big. Sorry folks but if you don’t want to hear this kind of shit then get off of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Folks like her and Teigen want to be able to put whatever it is out there and not get any push back. Boo Friggin Hoo.

Alec Baldwin and his American born wife Hillary have been on and off social media for a variety of reasons and just the other day Alec told someone to go fuck themselves over a recent post about baby #7 for Baldwin. Ironic perhaps because there was apparently no sexual intercourse involved in the making of #7 as far as we know!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Why are Asian Ladies Minus Size?
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