So here we are in a very contentious election year and NPR decides to pour gasoline on it by doing a report on rightist militia and what they may do after Trump loses! As NPR accepts tax payer dollars the least they can do here is to discuss what leftist groups might do if Biden loses!  The fact is NPR has way more recent proof about leftists burning down Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York! Better yet run the story after Election Day!

As they say one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter and vice versa!  The one thing the Washington Post gets right is that Democracy dies in darkness and when you are only shining light on one side you are not doing your job as objective journalists who unfortunately have all but disappeared from the USA! In the end this isn’t some much about pushing Trump out of office as that is a done deal. It is also about pushing the Republicans out of any control in DC!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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