Women in Black

Woman in black pantsuits that is. So Momala Kamala is just another Billery Hillary! Sorry but the world doesn’t need another woman doing her best man impression. But we understand that in the current political scheme of things that the ladies think they need to appear as tough as the men are! Hillary helped to get us into Iraq #2 because if “W” got it right like his old man did, then she thought she would never be nominated for President.

Recently Henry Kissinger said that we could be facing a World War One type of conflict with the Chinese. In that particular case the match was lite over the assassination of an Austrian Archduke. Will it be over Hong Kong or Taiwan? Will Joe be mentally up to the challenge or will Kamala like Hillary make the incorrect political calculation and start another war? Stay Tuned!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Photo by Jeys Tubianosa on Pexels.com