When you consider how diverse and remarkable Wolf DNA is given its ability to spawn a whole host of different dog breeds, one imagines that the same holds true for Human DNA as well.  But unlike say the Mule or the Liger, dogs can successfully create new life but which requires both a fertile male and female! For that reason a male and female relationship should be considered the optimum norm or standard over a male/male or female/female relationships. This has nothing to do whatever with any God or Religion but is just natural selection.

But because the LGBTQIA folks have been discriminated against over the millennia they are now pushing the pendulum to the other extreme. Some in Hollywood are even raising their kids as gender neutral well before their kids even have a clue as to what a gender actually is! Should they succeed we will all become just a bunch of IT’s. Vive no difference at all! Just how boring is that Cara mia mon chere!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!    

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