Vote Early and Vote Often

While the Demmy’s will do some of this in 2020 the real issue will not be over their winning the White House as that won’t be close but rather how well they did in taking over the Senate! If they win big here and there are a number of close Senate votes the Repubs will be charging them with voting too often! You should expect the Dems to push to make mail in voting a permanent fixture!

In the 1850’s it was much easier than it is today for a third party candidate to get elected President and thank God, Abraham Lincoln won. This year all the third party prospects were scared off by the Dems and their media allies leaving us with but one choice. Biden who is no Lincoln or even a JFK is well past his prime. But fortunately Speaker Pelosi is putting together a medical committee who will pass judgement on the next President’s mental health!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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