3rd Times a Charm

So first you had CHAD’s and this allowed the Repub’s to steal the election in 2000. Then the Russian’s came along and helped the Repub’s to steal the 2016 election. Now this was because we got away from the nasty paper CHAD kind of voting to leading edge digital types of voting. But because of the pandemic we are going to vote thru the mail using paper ballots and the Dem’s are telling us not to worry this will work just fine!

But the Dem’s are the folks who suppressed the black vote in the South for a 100 years and continue to commit vote fraud in the large Demmy controlled cities for the last 200 years or so. Fortunately for the Dem’s eighty percent of the media are mouthpieces for their party apparatus so they will likely dodge this vote stealing bullet as they did in the 1960 Presidential election between JFK and VP Nixon!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com