I enjoy his travel show but not a big fan of his humorless bloopers at the end of the program! When Steves did a show on Germany and Berlin it made perfect sense for him to discuss National Socialism. In a similar vein I thought he did a good job of discussing the Jewish/Palestinian problem when he went to Israel and the West Bank.    

However when he did a recent program on National Socialism in Europe this was just another blatant effort by PBS to influence the voting in an election year! The EU has experienced some setbacks with the exit of the UK (driven by legal immigration) and the local negative reaction to the significant increase with illegal immigration. Perhaps I missed Ricky Bobby’s show about the threat of leftist dictatorships but let’s understand that is where the real long term external challenge is for the West! Internally the left will be challenge for democracies as well….

And that is all I’m going to say about that!