A Couple of Joe’s

So Joe #2 squirreled away a bunch of bucks from a failed run for Mass Governor some twenty odd years ago and has now effectively given them to Joe #3 for his run for the US Senate. Nothing illegal about that. VP Joe looks the other way when son Hunter is hunting for bucks in the Ukraine. Once again nothing illegal about that as well.

I understand both Papa Joe’s for wanting to help their sons. In Joe #2’s case he wanted to annul a 12 year marriage that produced two kids. Wow my Daddy believes that he was never married to my Mommy. That is gotta hurt! In the case of VP Joe he chose his career over a son who apparently needed more from his Father after the traumatic loss of both his mom and kid sister. Sorry guys but neither the Ukraine nor PAC money passes the smell test!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography on Pexels.com