Size Matters

The actress Carole Lombard is reported to have once said of her husband actor Clark Gable that if his penis had been an inch shorter he would have known as the Queen of Hollywood instead. While the IT girl actress Clara Bow said of her lover actor Gary Cooper that he was hung like horse and could go all night.

There is an old joke about President Reagan sitting next to Bubba Smith at a dinner banquet and the President asked Smith if it was true that black men were well hung. Smith told Reagan that it was and when Ronnie asked him why, Bubba told him that every night before he went to bed he gave his penis a big rap against the bedpost. When Reagan got back to the White House late that night he could hear the First Lady snoring in bed. So he decided to give his penis a big hard rap against the bedpost, where upon Nancy woke up and asked “is that you Bubba?”

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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