The Ugly Duckling

As I emerged thru puberty I increasingly became the man of pink steel. My blood flow went permanently from my big head to my little head and as a result I became stupider and stupider. There are some who think that we are either not members of the animal kingdom or are at the very top of it. During my middle school years you could have fooled me either way.

I met my future wife during those years and paid no attention to her until the very beginning of our Senior year when in walked the most beautiful swan I had ever seen. She would be voted most beautiful in our class later that year. Over the last 40 odd years that we have been married my blood flow gradually went back to my big head. Only then did I finally realize just how lucky an ugly duckling I had been that she had chosen me as her mate for life!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

white swans on river
Photo by Trudie Roden on