Painting Yourself into a Corner

During the US election of 1972 demmy nominee George McGovern made the argument that as Vietnam was a Civil War we had no right to be involved there. I remember after Watergate seeing bumper stickers that said don’t blame be I’m from Massachusetts. I didn’t have one of those because even though I was from there, I had voted for Tricky Dicky. Yup I own that one!

Some 22 years later their was another Civil War that the demmy President Slick Willie did not get involved with which unfortunately turned into a genocide! Don’t recall ever seeing any bumper stickers that said blame me I’m from Massachusetts. I didn’t vote for Clinton so I don’t own that one! But hey unlike Nixon, he did admit his mistake in allowing the Genocide in Rawanda!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

pile of human skulls
Photo by Felipe Hueb on