Ask what your country can do for you!

Today JFK’s inaugural would go over like a lead balloon with Democrats! Increasingly in this country we are not expecting to do anything for the country including serving in its military but instead it should do more for us! For example you borrow money from the government to finance your college education and both Bernie and Betsy want to forgive this debt in exchange for your voting for them of course.

My wife and I told our 3 kids who have 4 masters degrees and a PhD between them that we would pick up their instate college costs only but any difference was on them. They worked hard got scholarships and grants and they’re in great shape. Why they should have to pick up some else college tab when they agreed to pick up there own is beyond me! But hey that is the way it’s going in this country and in the next ten years a Bernie or Betsy will be throwing that and way more at these folks.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!