#MeToo Bernie

So according to the Red Herring, Betsy Warren, Feelin’ the Bern, Bernie Sanders does not think a lady can win the Presidency! Bernie who is really a closet Marxist denies ever saying that but in the days of the Me Too movement he has no real standing here! Betsy even refused to shake his hand burning Bernie a second time in the Iowa debate! But let’s face it there can’t be two so called socialist in the race and Bernie is currently in the lead in Iowa so Betsy had to do something!

The fact is when you consider how Pocahontas handled the I’m a Fugawi Indian situation you understand that she is more likely blowing smoke signals up someone’s ass than Sanders is! The lady even claims to be capitalist! The last thing this country needs is another lying lawyer  in the White House! Trump is right Bernie never said it!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!