Now batting 2 for 2 having lost to both the yellow jacket and the pensioner protesters! No real surprise because once he lost to the yellow jackets he was doomed to lose to the pensioners as well. This is because he not only caved completely to the yellow jackets but had to throw money at them as well in order to get them off the streets of Paris! Once the old folks understood this it just a matter of time before Macron caved again! Cie la vie as they say over there and say goodbye to Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron as he is now fork ready!

The EU’s soft financial underbelly of Greece, Italy and Spain will be followed by France as the debt which is higher than it is in the USA will eventually overwhelm the Union once the EU Boomers are in full flight retirement wise which in France can be as young as 52! This in spite of the fact that EU life expectancy for men is 79 and for women 84. So do the math as a lady starting work at age 20 and retiring at age 52 will work the same number of years that she would collect a pension! Great work if you can get it!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!