So Bill Clinton and his mainstream media allies did an incredible job of convincing the voters that it was just about sex! The reality of course was that it was about committing perjury! As President he is the chief law enforcement officer and on top of this a lawyer as well! But as far as I know forensic science has not been able to lift fingerprints off of a penis so they had to rely on a Presidential cum stain instead!

I remember at about this same time Pee Wee Herman was arrested for ejaculating in a public space and thinking that the Oval Office is a public space also! In the end Clinton should have been censured by Congress! Trump who RBG has said is not a lawyer should be censured as well! So as Pee Wee says “Connect the dots, la la la la. Connect the dots, la la la la.”

And that is all I’m going to say about that!