There is an idiot lady who wrote in the Boston Globe recently that we now need to tip wait staff 25%. In the past I would tip 20% for good service but why should I increase my tipping by 20% (20/25 = a whopping 20% increase) especially when restaurant prices are way higher than before the pandemic? If I paid 50 bucks before the pandemic, I’m now paying 75 bucks for the very same dinner!

A ten dollar tip then is now a 15 dollar tip today for a 30% increase! If I’m now tipping 25% I’m now shelling out $18.75 which would be a 47% increase. My total raises over the last 3 years have not come anywhere close to 30-47% that this lady is recommending for wait staff. Pretty good work if you can get it but maybe I’ll just stay home and pay nothing to nobody!

And that is al I’m going to say about that!

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