Actually it should say “Don’t Say Transgender” but the left handed media is lumping in LG with T to more effectively undercut the right handed media’s opposition to the pro-democrat teachers union push for DEI. Throw in the banning of books that include teaching kindergartens about transgender women and you get the compelling results as seen in the recent Illinois school board races!

In the end people are just sheep and cattle on both side of the divide! You want to get an abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy or allow women with penises to compete against women with vagina’s then go right ahead! Unfortunately the devil is in the details and the left doesn’t want you to go there so go ahead with your Dick with Vagina and Jane with Penis books for kindergarten classrooms and lets see what becomes of them over the long term!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

But what if Granny had a dick what would it have tasted like!
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