So the alleged crook Sam Fried his Bankman was raised by two lawyers need I say more! He reportledly took some of his customers Crypto and was Biden’s second largest donor to his 2020 campaign while shelling out another 39 million to democrats in 2022. He is reported to have given a whooping 262,000 bucks to 4 moderate republicans making his contribution bipartian! Had the money gone to Trump the left would be calling for his scalp!

His alleged girlfriend and accomplice was raised by two MIT economic professors and so should have been well aware of what a complete scam Crypto is! I remember when my first cousin embezzled $500,000 from the bank he managed and got 4 years in the Federal pen! Lets hope that Fried his bank gets way more than this!

And that is all I”m gong to say about that!

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