Kum of Sum Yung Gai

My father died in his sleep and I thought that was the best way to go until I read about how Nelson Rockefeller kicked the bucket! He had a heart attack while kumming into sum yung gal who was not his wife! Every old man’s favorite wet dream! Assuming of course that they can still get it up! I remember when Senator Bob Dole was pitching Viagra for E.D. and as a direct result I am now watching bent P.D. carrots on TV.

On the other hand Bill Clinton never had sexual relations with that woman, he only kummed all over sum yung gals blue dress! But not to worry Bill and Hill are still best friends. How nice! Harvey Weinstein on the other hand left his kum everywhere but did he rape all of the ladies or did some of them prostitute themselves for a job? We will never know!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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